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Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Rutgers University
Armitage Hall, 311 N. 5th Street
Camden, NJ 08102
(856) 225-6136

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We R Rutgers-Camden: Jennifer Kelley

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  • Prof. James Boucher, French, joining our faculty in Fall, 2016
  • Dr. Mauricio Castillo, Spanish
  • Dr. Christine Cosentino-Dougherty, German (e-mail) Bio
  • Prof. Judith Downing, Spanish and French, Coordinator for Elementary Spanish (e-mail)
  • Dr. Próspero N. García, Spanish (Linguistics) (e-mail) Bio (On Sabbatical- Fall 2015)
  • Dr. Carla Giaudrone, Spanish (e-mailBio
  • Dr. Jean-Louis Hippolyte, French (e-mailBio
  • Dr. Ana María G. Laguna, Spanish (e-mail) Bio
  • Dr. Silvia Perez-Cortes, Spanish (Linguistics), joining our full-time faculty in Fall, 2016
  • Dr. James Rushing, German, Chair (e-mail) Bio

Part-time and adjunct faculty

  • Prof. William Carl, Spanish (e-mail)
  • Prof. Christina Disanzo, Italian (e-mail)
  • Prof. Norman Ellman,   French  (e-mail)
  • Prof. John Farquhar, German (e-mail)
  • Prof. Charles Molano, Spanish (e-mail)
  • Prof. Karl Moehlemann, German 
  • Prof. Dana Pilla, Spanish

Department Secretary