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Which course should I take? Do I have to take a placement test?

Posted at 4:02 pm July 9, 2012,

If you took French or German in high school, and you are continuing in that language, you do NOT need to take a placement test. Your placement is based on the number of years you studied the language in high school.

  • If you took just 1 year, you should start with Elementary I (101).
  • If you took 2 years, you should start with Elementary II (102).
  • If you took 3 years, you should start with Intermediate I (131).
  • If you took 4 or more years, your placement is likely to be Intermediate I (131). But you may be ready for more advanced work, especially if any of your high school courses were Honors or AP courses, and you should consult the department to determine which course to take.  (Placement tests are still available, and you may wish to take one if you think that relying on years studied will provide an incorrect placement.)

If you took Spanish in high school, or have learned Spanish in some other way, and you want to take Spanish at Rutgers-Camden, you should take the placement test to determine the appropriate level for your first course. Please go to to get more information about testing or register for a placement test.  

If you took Spanish in high school, have not learned Spanish in any other way, and took your last high school Spanish course 10 years ago or more, you do not need to take the placement test, but can simply register for Elementary I (101). However, you might still want to take the test, to see if you remember enough to start with 102, which could save you a course.


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