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We R Arts and Sciences: Catherine Rosenberg

Catherine Rosenberg and Eric ChangRutgers University is a proud research institution, with our faculty and students engaged in projects that run the gamut from studying healthy eating behaviors to social reform in Gothic literature to circadian rhythms in fungi.  Research can shape people’s thoughts and opinions, and ultimately change our world.  For computational and integrative biology doctoral student Catherine ... Read more We R Arts and Sciences: Catherine Rosenberg... Read more ...

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Photo credits (left to right, top to bottom):
LA MUSIQUE: “Fête de la musique 2012 à Rouen” by Frédéric Bisson; LA PRESSE: “Kiosque à journaux Champs-Elysées” by Dorenrof Claudius;LES GROUPES DE CONVERSATION:”Café du Marché” by Robyn Lee; LE CINÉ FRANÇAIS: “Gaumont Opéra Français” [cinéma] by “trash world”; LA CULTURE: “Paris” by Adriano Lima; LA FRANCOPHONIE: “Le Monde de la Francophonie” from the International Organisation of la Francophonie; LA GASTRONOMIE: “Chocolaterie” by Robyn Thiessen; LES RESSOURCES EN LIGNE: “Atelier d’écriture-6229255” by Jean-Marie Adam; ; L’HISTOIRE: “France – Normandie – Etretat” by Antonio Ponte.