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Placement Testing

Students Wondering Why They Need to Fulfill the Language Requirement

Learning another language is not an arbitrary academic “hurdle.” Students who learn a foreign language have stronger academic skills and broader opportunities for career success in the long run. In particular, those who spend more than two years studying a foreign language have several advantages:

  • significantly higher scores on graduate school admissions tests (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc.)
  • better reading and writing skills in their native language
  • greater critical thinking and creativity
  • better cultural sensitivity and awareness of diversity
  • more professional opportunities in global business

If you think foreign language is hard, then you can see exactly why it helps you! In order to learn a foreign language, you need to remember detailed information, recognize patterns, understand sentence structures, accept cultural differences and demonstrate openness to new ways of expressing ideas… And you need to master all of these skills simultaneously, just to order a cup of coffee!

If you can manage to buy a metro ticket in French, then you’re more likely to be able to solve complex problems on the job, because your brain has learned to juggle many tasks at once.

In other words, learning a foreign language makes you smarter in everything that you do.


Students with Less than 2 Years of French-Language Learning

Students who took less than two years of French in high school are encouraged to take the placement test before signing up for Elementary French 101 or 102. Your score on the test should help you to determine which of these classes will best fit your current level. Students who enroll in Elementary French with an advanced level of prior French experience may be asked to withdraw from the course, out of fairness for others beginning to learn the language. 

If you have any questions after receiving your placement score, feel free to contact Dr. Alisa Belanger to discuss your placement.


Students with More than 2 Years of French-Language Learning

Students who have taken more than two years of French in high school should also take the placement test as a way to complement an individual meeting with a French professor to discuss appropriate course placement. You should make a note of your score on the placement test, then talk with a French professor about your prior experiences with French, as well as your goals for the semester. Whether you aim simply to complete the language requirement, or would like to consider advanced coursework and study abroad, this step is mandatory. Students who enroll in a French course without having consulted the French program professors may be asked to change courses during the first week of classes.

Please make an appointment by emailing Dr. Alisa Belanger



Students Interested in a French Major, a French Minor, or Study Abroad

If you are about to begin your studies at Rutgers-Camden or have discovered a love for the French language through your coursework here, then you’re welcome to contact Pr. Belanger to discuss the possibility of adding a French Major or Minor to your current Programs of Study. In addition, those who would like to study abroad in French-speaking countries should check to make sure that they are taking enough courses to prepare for the experience. We will be happy to support your work towards a double major or minor alongside another discipline, as well. Finally, if you’d simply like to take more French courses, but you’re not sure if they will “count” towards any of your academic goals, then feel free to contact us for guidance.

We will be happy to help! Email Dr. Jean-Louis Hippolyte, or Dr. Alisa Belanger

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