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Student Spotlight

We R Arts and Sciences: Abhishek Garg

Abhishek Garg"My experience as a student and a Teaching Assistant [at Rutgers-Camden] was really awesome, and one of the best times of my life," says scientific computing graduate student Abhishek Garg. Read more ...


Understanding the Foreign Language Requirement

New link: New general degree requirements for Rutgers Camden (apply to students entering in Fall ’03 and later).

Studying a foreign language, literature, or culture is an enriching experience and an important part of a general education, even for students who stop short of achieving fluency in a new language. Achieving proficiency in a foreign language not only has an immense practical value in the increasingly networked world, it also opens whole new dimensions and vistas in the mind.
German is the language of Germany, Austria, much of Switzerland, and other parts of central Europe. With 121 million speakers, German plays a vital social and economic role in the newly unified Europe. It is also the ancestral language of more Americans than any other language.

The German Program at Rutgers-Camden offers courses in all levels of German language, literature and culture. Courses taught in English include German Literature in English Translation and German Cinema. German Program faculty members are also scholars of international rank, carrying out research in a variety of fields.

Majoring in German is an excellent preparation for a variety of business careers, for graduate and professional programs, (including law school), for teaching careers at various levels, and for life as an educated and enlightened citizen of the world.

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