EMIT Conference

Emit Conference 2014: The Ethos of Eros. October 23-24, 2014

Join us for the EMIT Conference 2014
on October 23-24, 2014
at the Campus Center Campus Center Multi-Purpose Room


Thursday, October 23

8.00: Pick up from hotel and transfer to Campus.
8.15-9.00: Breakfast. Registration will be open from 8 to 10.30.

9.00: Opening Remarks.


I. The Politics and Poetics of Love. 9.15-10.30
  1. The Ethos of the Aulic Eros. Ignacio López Alemany, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  2. Pinturas Valientes and Courtesan Love: Towards a Theory of the Art Museum in the  Persiles. Mercedes Alcalá-Galián, University of Madison Wisconsin.
  3. Reinscribing Quixote’s Politics: The Erasure of Eros in Spanish Post-War Fiction.  Ana Laguna.  Rutgers University at Camden.


II. The Pathos of Desire. 10.40-12.30
  1. Opposition to Societal Role: Exhibiting Masculine Qualities Through Feminine Characters in Ana’s Caro’s Valor, agravio, y mujer. Christie Cole, Indiana University.
  2. Extremes of Desire: The Ethics of Fashion and the Lust for the Extremities. Noelia Cirnigliaro, Dartmouth College.
  3. Woman of Marble: Gender, Art, and Minerals in the Poetic Tradition of Anaxarete.  Katrina Powers, University of Chicago.


 12.30-1.20: Lunch (provided)


 III. The Desiring Gendered Subject. 1.30-3.20
  1. La agonía del Eros en Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Patricia Saldarriaga, Middlebury College.
  2. Un afecto amoroso de Sor Marcela: hacia un análisis erótico de un romance religioso.  Diego Valdecantos Monteagudo, University of California at Davis.
  3. Love and Art in the Prose of Cervantes.   William Worden, University of Alabama


 3.30- 5.00: Keynote Address: Eros, Pathos, and the Anamorphic Body in Zayas’ Desengaño amorosos. David Castillo, University of New York at Buffalo.  (Reception will follow)  



Friday, October 24

 8.00: Pick up from hotel and transfer to Campus.
8.15-9.00: Breakfast.  Registration will be open from 8 to 10.30.


IV. Eroticing the Other. 9.00-10.20
  1. Eros Eroticized: Representation of Sexuality in Muslim Mediterranean. Steven Hutchinson, University of Madison Wisconsin.
  2. Queering the Straight Away: Cervantes’s Los baños de Argel and Francisquito’s Crucifixion. Felipe Rojas, Chicago State University.
  3. The Eros of Tragedy in Lope de Vega’s Jerusalén Conquistada. Jason McCloskey, Bucknell University.


V. Eros and Logos. 10.30-12.20
  1. Eros vs Ethos, Pathos, and Logos: Cervantes’s Marcela. Joan Cammarata, Manhattan College.
  2. “Saber las letras deseo:” Thaumaturgic Objects of Fear and Desire in Lope de Vega’s El Hamete de Toledo (1606-12). James Nemiroff, University of Chicago.
  3. “El juego de las letras: ingenuidad y transgresión eróticas en Los Malcasados de Valencia, de Guillén de Castro.” Rebeca Rubio, University of California at Davis.


12.30-1.45: Lunch (provided)


VI. The Ethos of Perception 1.45-2.40
  1. The Art of Smell: Repulsion and Attraction. Steven Wagschal, Indiana University.
  2. Generation and Corruption Outside of Time: Problems with the Visual Record in Early Modern Science. John Slater, University of California, Davis.


VII. Roundtable. The Spanish Early Modern Age as a Desired Field. 3.00-4.00.
4.00: Closing Reception.