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Winterim Offerings

50: 940: 280 SPEAKING OF FILM SATISFIES WRITING INTENSIVE AND GLOBAL REQUIREMENT (Taught in Spanish) Films constitute one of the most significant forms of artistic expression in the 20th and 21st century. Through their visual narratives, movies serve as a dramatic learning tool that allows students to explore particular ideologies, historical conditions, and aesthetic values. Through the immersion schedule that a Winterim schedule provides, this class will teach you how to develop and perfect linguistic and interpretative skills at a strikingly pace. By watching and examining some of the most representative Spanish and Latin American films in history, you will: – Learn key historical events that deeply shaped or affected the Spanish-speaking world and the inherent strengths and limitations of this medium for representing them. – Acquire a theoretical and critical knowledge of idiosyncratic Spanish films and/or filmmakers, and their backgrounds, visions, and technical features. – Become competent in the specific terminology needed for the analysis of films’ subject matter, technical style, and/or historical and contemporary resonance. Course Evaluation: 30% Class Participation 50% Essays (2, of 3 pages) 20% Daily Reaction Essays For more information contact Prof. Laguna