As head of French and Director of European Studies at Rutgers-Camden, I have the pleasure of welcoming you to one of the leading French programs in Southern New Jersey. We pride ourselves in offering a supportive environment where students have the opportunity to discover a wide array of topics, from French language, literature, culture and history to contemporary issues in the Francophone world.

We provide courses that highlight the relevance of French in current times as well as over the course of history. In addition to material that we teach in various time periods and genres, associated faculty members from other departments in the Humanities share their expertise on the history of the French language and culture. Our goal is to prepare students with a comprehensive knowledge and critical understanding of French-speaking cultures as we move ahead in the 21st century.

Our program is nestled just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, home to a vibrant cultural scene, with significant resources and events in French, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Barnes Foundation, the Rodin Museum, the Alliance Fran├žaise and numerous film festivals. We are committed to fostering ties between French language educators at all levels and cultural leaders from across the region in order to cultivate strong partnerships based on common educational goals and expectations.

On campus, students can join the French Club, take part in International Education Week, attend public lectures and exhibits related to French-speaking cultures, and explore career options in foreign languages. Motivated students may take advantage of all university-wide Rutgers study abroad programs, Rutgers-Camden Learning Abroad Tours, and directed research projects, such as an Honors undergraduate thesis in French.

In our program, you become part of a close-knit community where regular interaction with faculty members allows you to pursue your individual goals. You enrich a diverse student body and gain practical skills that can lead to successful careers in many professions, including language education,  translation, editing, and journalism. Our alumni have also gone on to successful careers in business, law, counseling, graphic design, education, and medicine.

We invite qualified students to explore the advantages of studying at a public university that combines state-wide resources with the feel of a small liberal arts college. Please feel free to contact our faculty and staff at any time with questions.

Dr. Jean-Louis Hippolyte