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We R Arts and Sciences: Diana Maddison

Diana Maddison"I love school, especially when I can study something I’m interested in,” senior art history and history major Diana Maddison says. Read more ...

Learn a language.

Get to know the world.


Studying one of the world’s languages or cultures is an enriching experience and an important part of a general education, no matter what level of fluency students achieve in a new language. Achieving proficiency in a foreign language not only has an immense practical value in the increasingly networked world, it also opens whole new dimensions and vistas in the mind.

Our six programs offer majors in French, German, and Spanish, interdisciplinary minors in Latin American and Latino Studies and European Studies, and a Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish.  Our graduates pursue further studies and a wide variety of careers in business, law, medicine, translation, education, and more.

Students can obtain teaching certification in French, German, or Spanish through the Institute for Effective Education. Undergraduates in Spanish can also enter the MAT through the dual degree program in their junior year.

We are the only public university in New Jersey south of New Brunwick that offers majors in all our three languages.

Please visit our six programs: French | German | Spanish | Latin American Studies | European Studies | Master in Teaching Spanish


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