The Spanish Program at Rutgers-Camden offers a Major and a Minor in Spanish and a Internal Certificate in Spanish for Health Professions. We provide students with a world-class competence in the language, literatures and cultures of the Spanish speaking world, which gives students a special preparedness for life in an increasingly globalized world.

We offer a complete language program with course offerings that include elementary, intermediate and advanced levels and a comprehensive list of classes in Spanish and Latin American literature, linguistics, culture and film. In addition to our major and minor programs, students can also minor in Latin American Studies and participate in our BA/MAT route to become graduate students in our Masters of Arts in Teaching Spanish (MAT in Spanish).

Our curriculum reflects the strong scholarly interests and expertise of our faculty. Our literature and culture specialists (Dr. Laguna and Dr. Giaudrone) have particular strengths in periods such as the Renaissance and Baroque, Modernism, and Contemporary Literature and Culture, practicing such innovative critical approaches as Literature and the Pictorial Arts, Literature and the Environment and Narrating Urban Landscapes.

Our experts in linguistics and education (Dr. Garcia and Dr. Perez-Cortes) work at the intersection between first and second language acquisition, applied linguistics (language pedagogy) and bilingual language development. Their expertise include teacher training and the study of language learning from a sociocultural perspective, as well as Spanish/English bilinguals, bilingual education and Latinos in the US.

Our Spanish for Health specialists (Dr. Laguna and Prof. Hondros) provide targeted training in medical Spanish and cultural competencies essential for healthcare professionals. The award-winning Spanish for Health Program includes specialized courses on medical terminology, patient communication, and cultural awareness, complemented by immersive experiences though national and international community-based service learning projects.

We strongly encourage students to study abroad. Students are advised to benefit from Rutger’s Summer Language Programs in Cuzco and Salamanca and our Semester/Annual Programs in Valencia.

Starting in the Spring 2018, all students will be required to take a placement test to register in any of our courses. The test is online and can be accessed here: Please, read the instructions before you start to ensure optimal use. For questions regarding course placement in Spanish, please contact Dr. Perez-Cortes (


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