During the Fall 2023 semester, the Spanish program will offer the following undergraduate courses:


In addition we also offer the following courses as part of our Masters of Arts in Teaching Spanish:

56:940:517 Methods of Teaching Spanish

This course seeks to ask the fundamental questions in Spanish second language learning, teaching, and acquisition in order to provide an understanding of the major issues in theory and in practice faced by professionals in the field subsumed by Language(s), Literature(s) and Culture(s). The course will be carried out with an emphasis on the application of the body of knowledge on second and foreign language acquisition to the instruction and learning of second and foreign languages. 

56:940:521 Spanish Grammar and Linguistics I.

This course is intended to provide the student with a panoramic view of the linguistic patterns present in the Spanish Language and their functions within the system. This course has two main objectives: 1) A contrastive study of the Spanish and English grammatical systems, and 2) Its practical applications to Spanish language teaching, learning, and research. Students in this course will gain a more accurate perspective on the complexity of the internal and external factors that shape the Spanish language, be able to use and understand basic terminology, and develop the ability to do independent research.

56:940:560 Woman Writers of the Hispanic World

This course introduces students to the work of major Spanish and Latin American women writers, from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day. Some of the authors to be studied include Rosario Ferré (Puerto Rico), Alfonsina Storni (Argentina), Lucía Etxebarría (Spain) and María Luisa Bombal (Chile). In reading women writers from different backgrounds, students will have an opportunity to explore and understand the differences and commonalities among them. Among the issues that will be addressed in class are: women writers and the literary canon; the representation of female identity and female sexuality; women and the political reality.

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