About The French Program

The French Program at Rutgers University–Camden offers the small setting of a liberal arts program along with the resources and affordability of a “public ivy-league”school. Its distinguished faculty provide a wide range of courses and programs covering all aspects of French language, literatures and cultures.

Contact Us

Jean-Louis Hippolyte
311 N. Fifth Street, Armitage Hall, Room 471
Camden, NJ
(856) 225-2806

 Our program offers courses designed for students with three complementary goals:

1. Learn

2. Discover

3. Understand

Joint Majors
The French program at Rutgers-Camden encourages joint majors with other liberal arts departments or with a business program. For advising, please contact Dr. Jean-Louis Hippolyte.

Teacher Certification
French majors may obtain teacher certification through the Rutgers-Camden Institute for Effective Education.

Honors Program
Qualified students may enroll by invitation in the departmental honors program based on overall GPA and academic performance in the major.

Why Study french

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 1-in-5 people, or 47 million U.S. residents age 5 and older, spoke a language other than English at home at the turn of the 21st century.

Learn more about why French matters.