A Student’s Guide to the Language Requirement

Who Must Fulfill the Language Requirement?

All students pursuing degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers Camden must fulfill a language requirement. This includes all Camden majors except those within the School of Business or the School of Nursing. 

The requirement is three credits (one semester course) in a foreign language course at the 102 (Elementary II) level or higher, depending on placement

Students must take the placement test in the appropriate language to determine which course to take. To take the placement test click here

If you start with 101, the requirement takes two semesters to complete. If you place into a higher level course, the requirement only takes one semester to complete, although taking additional courses in the language of your choice may be extremely useful in many ways.

Read about the learning outcomes for the language requirement.

Access to the Placement test: HERE

  • Once in the website, select the language (French, German or Spanish) you would like to be tested in.

World Languages and Cultures and the General Education Requirements

In addition to the courses that fulfill the foreign language requirement, the Department of World Languages and Cultures offers a number of courses that fulfill one or the other of the General Education Requirements, which are required in Business and Nursing as well as in Arts and Sciences. We offer or will soon offer courses in Art and Aesthetic Interpretation, Global Communities, Heritages and Civilizations, Diversity, Engaged Civic Learning, and Experiential Learning. Please consult the Schedule of Classes for full information. 


For questions not answered here, contact the chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures or the WLC secretary, Sila King (sila.king@rutgers.edu).