Spanish Major


36 credits in Spanish above the elementary level (101 and 102) or above your placement (talk to Dr. Perez-Cortes ( for more personalized information).

The recommended sequence for a Spanish major varies based on your interests and placement. Please, contact us so we can make sure our itinerary suits your professional and academic pursuits.

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Abroad Experience

1. Learning Abroad: Take one of the courses offered in our campus ( focused on a Spanish-speaking country. Details about credit recognition should be discussed with a member of our faculty team.

2. Summer Study Abroad in Cuzco or Salamanca
Trips are between 5-6 weeks. You can earn up to nine credits. Both programs greatly benefit the Spanish major and minor student populations by allowing their engagement within native environments and multicultural situations. Applications usually open in March, please contact a member of our program for more information.

3. Fall/Spring semester abroad: Spend one semester studying in a Spanish-speaking country! Our students have visited Spain (Valencia), Argentina and Costa Rica! Check the possibilities here.

Spanish Minor


18 credits above the elementary level (101/102) or or above your placement (talk to Dr. Perez-Cortes ( for more personalized information).

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Elective Classes

  • 590:210 Intro to Latin American Studies will count toward the Spanish minor (but not the major).


Study Abroad Experience (see information above).

Departmental Honors

See more about the honors program.

To graduate with Departmental Honors in Spanish, students must:

  • Maintain overall university GPA of at least 3.0
  • Maintain upper division Spanish GPA of at least 3.6
  • Complete three additional credits, beyond Major Requirements, of a Research Seminar in Spanish and in the Spring Semester of a student’s junior year. 
  • Complete the Honors Thesis with grades of A.
  • Complete an Honors Thesis examination (mini defense).
  • Participate in Honors Colloquium/ CURCA.