The map shows part of Munich in 1858, from the The Perry-CastaƱeda Library Map Collection of The University of Texas at Austin.

A German major is a liberal arts major with the added benefit of communicative skills in an important language. Students majoring in German develop an understanding of a foreign culture, a heightened  understanding of how languages function and how they shape our minds and our world, and an ability to speak, read, write, and understand a  language with 121 million speakers and a vital social and economic role in the newly unified Europe.

A German major is an excellent preparation for a variety of business careers, for graduate and professional programs (including law school), for teaching careers at various levels, and for life as an educated and enlightened citizen of the world.

German students at Camden choose from a variety of advanced courses,  including Conversation and Composition, Germany Today, German Culture and Civilization, and Advanced Grammar and Stylistics, and German Literature from 1850 to the present. Students are encouraged to participate in either the summer or junior-year programs at the University of Constance in southern Germany, which are run through Rutgers-New Brunswick. 

Requirements: 36 credits in German courses, of which 30 must be in courses numbered 200 and above.

Minoring in German

A German minor can enhance almost any major, adding language skills and the other benefits of a language major to a degree in another field. 

Requirements: 18 credits in German beyond the Elementary level, of which 12 must be in courses numbered 200 or above.