Some of the offerings on these sites are truly live while others are audio and video on demand. Some of the offerings are online versions of broadcast material; some are special online programming. Most if not all of these sites have links to sites where you can download the software you need, usually if not always in free versions.

  • Deutsche Welle
    The official German radio and television broadcaster for the non-German world. Has news and information programming in audio and video. The site also gives information about the traditional broadcast offerings of Deutsche Welle.
  • Bayerischer Rundfunk
    Bavarian Radio’s web site with online audio and video.
  • ZDF online
    Includes up-to-the-minute news updates (regular internet) and some online video, as well as information about ZDF programming.
  • Westdeutscher Rundfunk
    WDR’s site has lots of information, some viewable video trailers and at least one program of internet radio–einslive–that you can listen to. (Of course, most of the songs may be American…)
  • Die Harald Schmidt Show
    Jokes and video clips, etc., from the “German David Letterman.” Remember, Geschmack ist verschieden!